9:00-10:00AM Keynote
Karen Litzy
“What You Didn’t Learn in School and How it Can Set You up for Success”
10:30-11:15AM Topics
Jess Schwartz
Room W232
Concussion: “The Unlearning Process: Concussion, Healthcare, and a Physical Therapist’s Journey to Flip Medical Education”

Heather Cronin
Room W235
Career Planning: “The Start of Your Career: Establishing Goals for Success”

Gabe & Jess Renzi
Room W237
Travel PT: “Wanderlust PTs’ Travel Therapy 101”

Mia Palazzo
Room W218
Low Back Pain: “Value Based Management of Low Back Pain in an Urban Hospital Setting”
11:45-12:30AM Topics
Lawrence Harding
Room W232
Spinal Cord Injury: “What happens after Rehab?”

Jennifer Rondon
Room W235
Student Loans: “Managing Student Loan Debt”

Venise Mule-Glass
Room W237
Yoga: “Integrating Yoga into Physical Therapy”

Erica Meloe
Room W218
Complex Patients: “Tough to Treat: How to Grow Your Expert Status, Confidence & Revenue by Learning to Treat the Complex Patient”
12:30AM-2:30PM Lunch

Mike Mattia, NYPTA President
“Your Professional Association: An Update”

Open discussion time with representatives from hospitals and clinics
– Bellevue Hospital
– Fox Rehab
– Lenox Hill Hospital
– Spear PT
– Metro SportsMed, Powered by Motion PT Group
– New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Powered by Motion PT Group
– Beyond Basics PT
– Professional PT
– Mount Sinai

2:30-3:15PM Topics
Dan Rootenberg
Room W232
Leadership: “10 Keys of Leadership”

Frank Hoeffner
Room W235
Residency: “Residency & Fellowship Education”

Amy Stein
Room W237
Women’s Health: “What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction… and Marketing Strategies!”

James Koo
Room W218
Athletics: “Swim, Bike, Run: Biomechanics of the Triathlete”
3:45-4:30PM Topics
Kellen Scantlebury
Room W232
Entrepreneurship: “The PT Hustle”

Abby Bales
Room W235
Board Exam: “It’s Not You, It’s the Test”

Doreen Frank
Room W237
Advocacy: “Be an Advocate for Physical Therapy: 2018 Federal Affairs and Your Role in Making a Difference”

Michael Masaracchio & Stephen Caronia
Room W218
Cervical Spine: “Clinical Practice Guidelines for Neck Pain”
5:00PM- PT Pub Night

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375 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016